How to Be a Good Landlord

How to Be a Good Landlord

If you’re renting in NYC, it’s important to make a good impression on tenants so they not only rent from you, but spread the word about their experience renting from you and stick around for a long time.

To establish yourself as a good landlord who tenants actually want to rent from, give your tenants a reason to describe you in the following five ways:


Honesty and trust blend perfectly together and with these two traits, your relationship with tenants will start off on the right foot. Good tenants admire honest landlords, even when it means pointing out flaws with the apartment.


A dependable landlord is organized. No tenant wants to find out that their landlord has misplaced their contract or worse, their rent payment. To be a good landlord, you must have a strategy for maintaining track of important documents, payments, complaints, and more.


Are you someone who’s always just one call away? Do you reply promptly to your tenants’ requests and concerns? A good landlord is someone that you can trust to work and do what they say they will do. Whether it’s a minor or major issue, tenants need to feel assured that their concerns are being heard, and that issues are being taken seriously and dealt with efficiently.


As a landlord, rules and contracts are your bread and butter. However, it’s important to be able to recognize when to bend the rules and cut your tenants some slack, especially if they’ve been an on-time payer so far. Showing flexibility in this way can score you a lot of points with your tenants. Plus, if you have been appropriately storing and keeping track of payments, leases, and other documents, you’ll have the resources to hold them accountable if your tenants try to push things too far.


Remember, your tenants can review you online, and even in a city like New York, people might hesitate about renting from you if those reviews are anything but glowing. Give your tenants a reason to fill their reviews of you with positivity. Otherwise, you might have a hard time filling vacancies.

Having Problems with Tenants?

At Outerbridge Law, we have over 15 years of experience in landlord tenant law in New York City. We understand that no matter how well you treat your tenants, there can be those individuals who try to push things too far and take advantage of you and your property.

If you’re having issues with tenant damage and rent nonpayment, understand that you have rights as a landlord. To protect those rights, contact Outerbridge Law online today or give us a call at 877-OUTERBRIDGE.