New York City Real Estate Lawyers Serve Local Residential and Commercial Tenants 

New York law firm skilled in transactional practice and litigation

Being secure in your right to live in, conduct business from or otherwise use a space can be essential to your personal well-being or the success of your commercial venture. At Outerbridge Law P.C. in New York City, we represent local clients in landlord-tenant, real estate and condominium or cooperative ownership matters. With nearly a decade of real estate experience, Outerbridge Law P.C. offers insightful and experienced guidance for your personal and business legal matters.

Intuitive legal representation handling transactions from contract to closing

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, our firm provides comprehensive legal services for every stage of the transaction, starting with drafting and/or reviewing the contracts. We negotiate key terms on behalf of clients, obtain surveys, insurance and title reports and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, such as New York’s Property Condition Disclosure Act. You can be confident that we will take all steps necessary to conclude the transaction expeditiously, including preparation of necessary documents and assertively representing you at the closing.

Skillful landlord-tenant firm protects tenants’ rights

The firm represents tenants in a multitude of matters, including lease drafting and review, rent stabilization and rent control issues and disputes over rent or building conditions. We are experienced in bringing enforcement actions and seeking all appropriate legal remedies when landlords break the law or fail to honor terms of a lease or fail to abide by the requirements of the rent stabilization law or the Housing Maintenance Code. We represent tenants in all aspects of housing court proceedings fighting evictions for alleged nonpayment of rent or violations of a lease or allegedly causing a nuisance, raising all defenses and legal protections. We also challenge landlords’ attempts to terminate the tenancy on improper grounds or their failure to correctly follow eviction procedures. You can depend upon us to use our extensive litigation experience and familiarity with state and local landlord-tenant law laws as well as our experience representing both landlords and tenants to advocate effectively for your rights.  

Diligent firm represents condominium owners

Due to the cooperative aspect of living in cooperative and condominium buildings and other HOA communities, conflicts may develop between owners and association boards. We are well-versed in New York’s coop and condo living and the rights it affords unit owners as well as the obligations and restraints it places on the property’s management. We use all appropriate legal remedies to protect the interests of condominium, cooperative, community and HOA unit owners under association bylaws and other governing documents and we seek to resolve disputes by the most efficient and least costly means possible.

Find out how our New York firm can assist you

At Outerbridge Law P.C. in New York City, we provide experienced legal support to clients in a range of residential and commercial real estate matters. To arrange a consultation, please call us at212-364-5593 or contact us online.