Skillful New York City Law Firm Aids Clients in a Variety of Practice Areas

Experienced attorneys provide strong legal representation to New Yorkers

When you have a legal problem, a skilled law firm can increase your chances of a favorable result. At Outerbridge Law P.C. in Manhattan, we deliver knowledgeable counsel to people facing a variety of complex issues. We stand up for the interests of New York clients in family law matters, landlord-tenant disputes, bankruptcy proceedings and other legal challenges.

Dedicated lawyers protect the interests of divorcing spouses

To file for divorce in New York, you must meet residency requirements and state one of seven available filing grounds. Many opt for the “no-fault” ground where at least one party declares that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Whether you and your spouse have serious conflicts or generally agree on issues such as custody, property division, maintenance (alimony) and child support, our attorneys will advocate for your interests throughout every step of the proceedings.  

Counselors deliver solutions for a full range of family law concerns

We also provide legal counsel to clients who wish to remain married while living apart. Whether you have financial, religious or other reasons for your choice, we’ll guide you on New York’s legal separation rules. Our firm also helps clients protect the assets they bring to their marriages by preparing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements designed to stand up to legal challenges. And if you want to grow your family through adoption, our lawyers have the legal know-how to assist you with that process. Whatever your family law issue may be, our law firm will work to bring you a satisfactory resolution.

Legal advisers handle all types of landlord-tenant matters

Our attorneys take on the full breadth of landlord-tenant law cases. For landlords, we draft lease and rental agreements, collect rent payments that are owed and guide clients through the eviction notice process. We also defend tenants against illegal eviction actions, assert their rights to be free from discrimination and aid them if they seek to recover security deposits that were unjustly withheld. Our experience and understanding of complicated New York landlord-tenant laws help clients on both sides of these issues achieve their objectives.  

Knowledgeable bankruptcy representation for tough financial times

If you’re having financial difficulties and can’t pay your bills, bankruptcy may be the best possible solution. The two most common types of bankruptcy filings for individuals are Chapter 7 debt discharge and Chapter 13 repayment. If seeking bankruptcy protection is a viable path to financial relief in your case, we will prepare the filing paperwork, help stop the collection efforts against you and represent you throughout the process.

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