Negotiate a Rent Increase

How to Negotiate a Rent Increase

A sudden notice of rent increase can have a serious impact on your budget, especially if you’re not prepared for it. If you’ve recently received the stress-inducing news that your rent is going up and you’re worried about it, speak with your landlord personally. Make sure to bring up your specific concerns, like if you don’t think the increase is justified or reasonable.

Make Sure the Rent Increase was Legal

Recognizing your rights as a tenant is one way to formally address the issue. States have laws administering when a landlord must notify for an increase. They can’t just go and break the news to you the night before your rent is due. Typically, landlords are required to provide at least 30 days notice in advance of rent increases.

Negotiate The Rent Increase With Your Landlord

Negotiating with your landlord could also limit the change. If you’ve been a good tenant and have a history of on-time rent payments, your landlord might want to retain you as a tenant. Do not immediately give in to the increase if you are an excellent payer, and let your landlord know how concerned you are about the sudden increase in rent. Remember to be professional throughout the negotiation and to keep your head if things don’t go your way.

Double checking your lease could lead to a good discussion with your landlord. If you are renting under a lease term, let’s say one year, your landlord may not raise the rent during the term and your rate should remain grandfathered. Landlord is obliged to give proper written notice starting the first month after lease.

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