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Outerbridge Law's Very Own Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge Interviewed About Rent Assistance on PIX 11

Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge, the Principal Attorney at Outerbridge Law, was recently interviewed twice by PIX 11 about the need for rental assistance in New York during the pandemic. In the Read More

BNC Interviews Altagracia Pierre-Outerbridge About Eviction Moratorium

View the entire interview below! Read More

Eviction Moratorium Extension Analysis | Cheddar News Interview

Watch the full interview below! Read More

Altagracia Pierre-Outerbridge Talks Eviction Moratorium with Gordon Deal

Listen to the entire interview below! Read More

What is the Good Cause Eviction Bill in NY?

The Good Cause Eviction Bill in New York is a new bill that is being introduced in the State Senate and seeks to expand tenants’ rights across New York State. Read More

Breakdown: Everything You Need to Know About the New York Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

The ERAP application has been open since June 1, 2021, ready to provide rental assistance for both landlords and tenants. Now with an even easier process to apply, check now to Read More

Eviction Moratorium: An Interview With BNC and Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge

BNC recently interviewed Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge about foreclosure protections expiring. Watch the full interview below! Read More

What to Know About the Eviction Moratorium: An Interview with Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge

Recently, the team from NewsNation Now interviewed Outerbridge Law's Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge about the eviction moratorium expiring. “In New York, we know that the moratorium has about 30 more days, our Read More

New York Emergency Rental Assistance Program Applications Now Easier

Millions of people struggle to afford rent in New York, especially minimum wage workers for whom the cost of renting can be completely unaffordable. COVID-19 has made that situation even Read More

Am I Being Overcharged By My Landlord?

In apartments subject to rent regulation and rent control laws, a landlord must provide certain documents to a tenant concurrent with signing a lease. Landlords must register each apartment and Read More

Can My Landlord Take Away My Preferential Rent?

If you are a rent stabilized tenant paying a “preferential” rent, where the landlord agrees to charge you less than it legally can, you should know that until 2019 a Read More

What Can I Do if I'm a Commercial Tenant Being Harassed by My Landlord?

While the courts and the legislature have made efforts to protect New York City’s residential tenants from landlord harassment, there are also what appear to be little-known, similar protections for Read More

Governor Cuomo Extends Moratorium on Residential and Commercial Evictions, Non-Payment, and Holdover Proceedings

Governor Cuomo has signed an extension of the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020 and the COVID-19 Emergency Protect Our Small Businesses Act. This extends the moratorium Read More

Which website should I use to help me find a new apartment?

Resources abound to aid you in your apartment search! But which one(s) should you use? Perhaps a combination of sites? Let’s explore the pros and any cons of some popular Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 61 posts