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15 Best Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment in NYC

Finding a rental in NYC can be hard, so it’s important to get answers upfront. Keep reading for a list of critical questions you should ask before renting. Read More

How to Recognize and Stop Landlord Tenant Harassment

Landlord tenant harassment is illegal and violates the rights of renters. Keep reading to see examples of what landlord tenant harassment looks like. Read More

Normal Wear and Tear vs. Damage: What’s the Difference?

Normal wear and tear is a term that’s used a lot in leases, but what does it truly mean, and what is considered damage? Keep reading to find out. Read More

How to Rent an Apartment in NYC Without a Broker Fee

Broker fees in NYC can eat up a sizable portion of your rental budget—but are they necessary? Read more to learn how to find a rental without a broker fee. Read More

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Short Term Rentals in NYC

Short term rentals are important for New York’s rental market, but they can be exploited by scammers. Keep reading to learn how to protect yourself. Read More

Six New York City Landlord Rights to Remember

For NYC’s complex housing market to run smoothly, landlord rights must be respected and upheld. Here, we cover six rights NYC landlords are entitled to. Read More

My Landlord Won’t Fix Anything - What Should I Do?

If your landlord won’t make repairs, it can be highly frustrating. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps for getting the repairs you need. Read More

Understanding Roommate Rights in NYC

Roommate rights can be a confusing subject matter. Here, we’ll cover what you should know about your rights as a roommate, so keep reading to learn more. Read More

NYC Eviction Laws: Understanding Nonpayment Proceedings

Nonpayment of rent eviction laws can be hard to understand. In this blog, we’ll tell you what you need to know to protect yourself from eviction. Read More

How to Dispute a Rent Overcharge in NYC

Landlords across NYC may try to illegally raise rent in rent-stabilized apartments. Keep reading to learn what to do if you’ve experienced a rent overcharge. Read More

What to Know About Rent Controlled Apartments in NYC

What to Know About Rent Controlled Apartments in NYC New York City is one of the most expensive places to live, and rent here is famous for rising quickly. Rent control Read More

NYC Eviction Protections During COVID-19

NYC Eviction Protections During COVID-19 If you’re facing eviction due to the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not know where to turn or what your rights are as Read More

What to Know About the Emergency Rental Assistance Program

ERAP Emergency Rental Assistance in New York Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, millions of New Yorkers have struggled to make their rental payments. Through lost jobs, Read More

Homelessness and Eviction Protection - Understanding FHEPS

Homelessness and Eviction Protection - Understanding FHEPS Facing homelessness or eviction put families and individuals under a lot of stress and pressure, and navigating the systems that can help you can Read More

Outerbridge Law's Very Own Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge Interviewed About Rent Assistance on PIX 11

Altagracia B. Pierre-Outerbridge, the Principal Attorney at Outerbridge Law, was recently interviewed twice by PIX 11 about the need for rental assistance in New York during the pandemic. In the Read More

BNC Interviews Altagracia Pierre About Eviction Moratorium

View the entire interview below! Read More

Viewing 97 - 112 out of 136 posts


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