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Common Causes of Tenant Disputes with Landlords

Are your lease agreements clear enough? If not, you might experience more tenant disputes with landlords. Keep reading to learn how to stop these disputes! Read More

What Does a Security Deposit Cover?

If you’re a first-time renter, you might wonder what a security deposit covers. In this post, we’ll cover a security deposit’s five main uses. Read More

Is My Landlord Responsible for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are an annoying pest to deal with, especially when they’re not your fault. Is your landlord responsible for bed bugs? Keep reading to find out. Read More

Protect Your Business With This 5-Step Tenant Screening Checklist

Renting to the right person is important for protecting your business. Follow this simple tenant screening checklist to confidently make the right choice! Read More

What Is an Apartment Lease Buyout and How Can You Get One?

Apartment lease buyouts in New York have been less common since 2019, but they still happen. Read more to learn when you can expect a lease buyout! Read More

How to Protect Senior Citizens’ Tenant Rights

Elderly renters may lead different lifestyles, but they have the same rights as you and I. Read more to learn how to protect senior citizens’ tenant rights. Read More

How to Deal With Neighbor Harassment in Apartments

Everyone is entitled to a safe living situation. Keep reading to learn how to deal with neighbor harassment in apartments and regain your peace of mind. Read More

How To Find Roommates in a New City

Roommates are a great way to keep your living expenses down, but it can be hard to find a good fit. Read more to learn how to find roommates in a new city! Read More

What Happens to Renters When a Property is in Foreclosure?

As a renter, if your apartment building is foreclosed on, you might be concerned about whether you can stay. Read more to find out! Read More

A Guide to NYC’s Deceased Tenant Policy

Understanding NYC’s deceased tenant policy can help you handle a tenant’s death with tact and skill. Keep reading to learn how to prepare as a landlord. Read More

Five Lease Provisions to Make Your Life Easier as a Landlord

Lease provisions give you grounds for enforcing the rules in your rental agreements. Read more for five essential provisions to make your life easier. Read More

5 Tips for Fire Safety in Apartments

Fires in apartments can be incredibly dangerous. If you’re moving into an NYC apartment, brush up on these tips for fire safety in apartments today. Read More

New York ERAP to End January 15

New York State’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program will stop accepting applications on January 15, 2023. Keep reading for more details! Read More

How to Deal With a Bad Neighbor in NYC

Nobody likes dealing with a bad neighbor. However, if you follow a few steps, you can resolve issues without too much fuss. Read more to learn how. Read More

What to Know About the New AirBnB Policy Affecting NYC Hosts

NYC has introduced new laws to regulate AirBnBs and mitigate the impacts of unregistered listings. Keep reading to learn how you could be impacted. Read More

Can a Landlord Not Renew a Lease in New York?

If your landlord doesn’t renew your lease, it can put you under a lot of pressure. But can a landlord not renew a lease? Keep reading to find out. Read More

Viewing 49 - 64 out of 136 posts


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